of orites or siderites.”

“I know nothing about them,” replied the young

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girl, then seizing the priestess’ hand with an enquiring gesture she murmured: “Tell me, what do these baetyli give?” “Counsel.” “What! Stones—talk?” ?/p>

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癏ush, hush! In the name of the gods—silence. It is a great mystery.” Hipyllos listened attentively. He had already heard of a strange connection between demons and st

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ones; he knew that in the temple of Apollo at Delphi there was a stone that had fallen from the sky, which was daily anointed with oil. This was the stone Rhea had

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let Cronos swallow instead of Zeus. “As you know, fair maid,” Ninus continued, “I will gladly serve you.” “I shall not be ungrateful.” 140 Ninus shook her

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head. “Promises are words written in water,” she murmured. The young girl, without answering, began to draw a ring from her finger but Ninus prevented it. “

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The ring is worth eight drachmae,” she said. “Conjuring with the stone will cost ten times as much. Know that hitherto no Hellene has made a baetylus speak. Such th

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ings can only be learned in Phrygia.... Farewell, maiden; we must part....” “Don’t leave me!” cried the girl, seizing Ninus’ robe. “Look!” she added drawing from her arm a glittering gold band, “if this is enough, take it.” “I am easily satisfied,” said Ninus, snatching the gold. “Well then, I’ll tell you everything

will show its power one must fast thrice seven days and hold no conversation with men; then the stone must be washed in spring-water and clad in swaddling clothes like a little child. Even this is not enough. A lamp must be lighted in a clean room in the house, incense offered, and prayers repeated. All this I have done from the hour Doris first told me.” Ninus now thrust both hands down into the basket and, with great care, drew out a smooth oval stone, wrapped in swaddling clothes like a new-born child. Holding out the stone, she bowed low. Hipyllos felt like a person who, at some untimely hour, had entered a sanctuary and b


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ings no mortal eye ought to see. “Maiden,” whispered Ninus, “take the baet

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41 your arms and rock it to and fro. But beware of dropping it; for then it woul

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ry.” The veiled figure received the stone with evident anxiety. Ninus now

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